Staff have been wonderful and clearly have a passion for working with youth!
Delicious food, well organised, unique program, focused and friendly staff. Very easy for school groups / teachers!!!

Carly - Yr 8 Coordinator - Concordia College - 12 Feb 2015

Lovely, friendly team. Wonderful at interacting with students and making them feel at ease.
Today's day camp was well paced, engaging and fun for students. Activities were age appropriate.

Carly - Yr 7 Coordinator - Concordia College - 10 Feb 2015

The best part about staying at Koojarewon is the activities the staff provided for the students and the debriefing after each activity.
We look forward to working with you in the future.

Stephen - Mary MacKillop - 16 Feb 2015

The team at Koojarewon were absolutely excellent. Made us feel very welcome. Very clear with expectations and maintained a calm and consistent demeanor. Activities were very suited to our group and the team consistently worked on developing the attributes and values we were hoping to reinforce.

Yr 4 Teacher - St Monica's - 11 Sep 2015

The activities were fantastic. The team were very friendly and helpful; a special touch was to see your staff sitting with the students at meal times. All the kids loved the Bush Dance. The Great Escape was the best activity on the camp. It was safe, clean, fun an had great food. Thanks. A great camp.

Brendan - Yr 5&6 Teacher - St Anthony's - 18 Sep 2015

The team were friendly and helpful. Gentle and caring with children. Comfortably paced activities and consistently delicious food.

Alice - Yr 6 Teacher - St Anthony's - 18 Sep 2015

The team were very enthusiastic, patient and encouraging. Our camp was super organized and is in an excellent location. Loved the POD coffee!

Yr 4 Parents on Camp - Highfields State School - 22 Oct 2015

The team have been fantastic. Enthusiastic, encouraging and approachable. Great to work with and really supportive of our involvement. The entire experience was fantastic and you are doing brilliant.

Andrew - School Chaplain - Highfields State School - 22 Oct 2015

Awesome, delicious, nutritious, exceptional, amazing, outstanding, impacting! Loved it. Top shelf, great, sensational!

Graham - Yr 4 Teacher - Highfields State School - 23 Oct 2015

Very well organised and thought about. Good concept. Well Done Jodie

Kathryn - Redland Lutheran Church - 26 Sep 2015

Great staff! The best thing about our stay was values embedded in the program that mirror those of our school. Emphasis on involvement, teamwork and feelings. Program matched our needs and students had a ball. Calm and relaxed for teachers!

Julie - Yr 4 Teacher - Middle Ridge State School - 07 Oct 2016

Amazing Group of Christian leaders - Setting the example of what teamwork should look like. Love your heart for God and for the kids! The best thing about staying at Koojarewon was the great atmosphere - feeling God's presence in this place!

Wilna Van Rhijn - Yr 4 Teacher - Toowoomba Christian College - 04 Mar 2016

The Team where very efficient, helpful and always had a good attitude. Camp was well organized with friendly and helpful staff.

Derick Smith - Yr 4 Teacher - Toowoomba Christian College - 04 Mar 2016

The Team at Koojarewon were very professional and worked really well with the kids. The grounds and facilities are just excellent. Staff where fabulous - focusing on the kid's teamwork and cooperation was impressive. Overall the staff at Koojarewon were just exceptional.

Nathan Walmsley - Yr 4 Teacher - Toowoomba Christian College - 04 Mar 2016

The Team was friendly, patient and helpful. The best thing was the setting, the kids enthusiasm and enjoyment. The Island - Really good activity, age appropriate, kids enjoyed the challenge. Like that they had to work together as a team without worrying about competition.

Kaylene - Yr 4 Teacher - St Monica's - 12 Aug 2016

Great enthusiasm form all staff, very friendly, helpful and supportive of students and staff. Kitchen staff very friendly and helpful. Kids kept busy and interested in engaging and motivating activities that allow them to play and work together. A chance for them to think for themselves. Loved the coffee! Thanks for a great couple of days. Great to see students learning through play and interactive activities - thinking for themselves and working with others and getting out from behind their desks.

Carolyn - Yr 4 Teacher - Middle Ridge State School - 07 Oct 2016

A committed team of patient, well-trained and well-prepared women who focused on developing virtues. Best thing was that the staff took the lead and that the contents of the program supported values/virtues educated at school. Students thoroughly enjoyed the tasks.

Vannessa - Yr 4 Teacher - Middle Ridge State School - 12 Oct 2016

The food at Koojarewon is delicious and there is always plenty to go around. The team was very helpful and organized. The activities focused well on the leadership skills needed for the students who will be going into year 6 next year. They have learnt about the importance of communication and teamwork. The best part about my stay was seeing the development of leadership responsibility, and I thought it was a great preparation for their school leadership process. The debriefing after activities was very valuable. The students responded well to taking responsibility for their actions and also for working together.

Alison - Yr 5 Teacher - Mary MacKillop - 30 Nov 2015

The staff were eager, energized, organized, and thoughtful, they challenged and respected the students, friendly and accommodating of all our needs. The best thing about our stay was witnessing students transform in confidence, respect, inclusivity, communication and self-belief. Truly wonderful to see groups transform over the 3 days. Hopeful that their new skills will be applied in life beyond KYC. Thank you!

Kirsty - Yr 5/6 Teacher - St Stephens - 13 Sep 2016

The team were a group of beautiful warm, genuine and peaceful girls! They were welcoming and intuitive to our needs. The warm friendly welcome will always be remembered as will the extremely creative and fun activities. The Big Group Game was excellent to break the ice on arrival and as a concluding activity to bring us all together. Jungle Fever is lots of fun! Great team work challenge! Very creative!

Sharon - Yr 3 Teacher - The Glennie School - 27 Oct 2016

We loved everything about our camp experience. We loved the team building activities that made girls take ownership of their actions. It was wonderful to see some girls really step up and lead the way. It was also interesting for us as teachers to really step back and observe our students and how they cope with challenges.

Yr 3 Teacher - The Glennie School - 27 Oct 2016

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